The modern authority on all matters etiquette, taste and achievement.
Ms Wilson is a recognised world leading authority on International Business Etiquette, Protocols and Social Etiquette she is a motivational modern etiquette expert, sought out industry leader, accomplished speaker specialising in executive leadership and etiquette. A success strategist for women in business, Susie’s passion is teaching women the strategies that lead to more satisfaction, fulfilment and real success in their life and work.
New Zealand-born, Susie resides in Melbourne Australia, with origins dating back to London’s Victorian age, Susie Wilson, is the epitome of a lady. She is one of Australia’s leading business identities and has a strong background in executive management in both the public and private sectors. Susie has extensive experience in business and in community organisations.
Speaking, and consulting with businesses Susie has developed leaders from around the world to become more confident- powerful and authentic speakers.
Susie Wilson’s clientele includes diplomats, business executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, accountants, school teachers, nonprofit leaders, models and yes she has mentored a cowboy.

The key to Susie Wilson’s success is the ability to develop cohesive, high performing teams and maintain customer relationships, whilst seeking opportunities for further growth. The Antoinette Champagne programs cover several key business skills, always with a focus on how to apply them, both personally and within an organisational context.
Susie opened her first Finishing School in Tauranga City in New Zealand in the 1990’s and another office in Hawkes Bay, she held the franchise for the Miss World NZ pageant from 1992 to 1996. A model herself Susie imparts her knowledge to the young ladies to whom she educates and teaches proper posture and deportment.

Susie relocated to Melbourne, Australia in November 2003, Foundered Antoinette Champagne Finishing School in Melbourne in 2006. Ms. Wilson has been training in this industry for 2.5 decades, coaching, speaking and sharing
her knowledge in etiquette, wisdom and integrity to create harmony within the household and camaraderie in the workplace. Susie’s corporate background spans internationally. Featured in many publications.
Susie’s medical background has provided a window into human psychology and behaviour so she clearly understands why one acts in certain ways including the way they dress and the image they project. She is passionate about educating both adults and children alike in improving and perfecting their social and professional etiquette and presentation skills so as to become articulate, confident and self-assured.
Susie instructs courteous life skills and business protocols into everyday living teaching the fundamentals of etiquette and social skill set her objective is to increase awareness of the value of social and business etiquette and international protocol and to offer services that teach and enable the application of these tools by adults and children.
“Society creates norms “and it is human nature to want to meet those norms. Following my methods takes the concept further to shine and flourish with that extra polish and sophistication. My up-to-date etiquette and finishing training
is relevant to today’s modern society. To empower and teach today’s leaders to reach excellence for
tomorrow, my clients stand out they are polished, poised and have the professional manner to face an intensely competitive global marketplace.”
Susie Wilson (2008)