Susie Wilson Finishing School
“Etiquette Is About Kindness- Respect And Gratitude For All Humanity

Culture change is less about work activities, strategies and initiatives, and more about the behaviours that people display in their day-to-day work in the many and various interactions that play. As soon as culture change becomes a series of work tasks to be completed, these will compete against already busy workloads. And guess which will get priority – particularly if there are work targets or KPIs linked to regular work activities?

In a sense, culture change is easy to do – it’s able to be assigned to people, put on a project timeline and checked on at regular intervals.

 Questioning our own behaviours and becoming self-aware of the consequences of our actions, is much more challenging and potentially threatening to people. Yet this is the core; the essence of culture change.

Unless leaders truly believe that their own behaviours have substantial impact on the culture and they have a desire to question those behaviours in a constant search for improvement, culture change will be superficial at best.

 Susie Wilson is the unrivalled expert in all matters civility, manners and etiquette across business, lifestyle and parenting with almost three decades of experience coaching/mentoring and teaching these subjects.

Incivility can cost you — whether this be friendships, acquaintances, business opportunities, promotions or customers

The art of good manners is being threatened by the overuse of digital technology and the modern lifestyle.

Everyone, regardless of their age, gender or profession can benefit from understanding good etiquette and manners.

 The go to expert-in all matters etiquette-protocols, civility and finishing. Susie has presented seminars to corporate executives, business organisations, private clubs, and individuals of all ages, coaching her clients in the most up-to-date etiquette and finishing guidance relevant to modern day society. 

Susie is based in Melbourne, Australia, however, she travels all over the world teaching and speaking about business etiquette, civility and leadership. 

​​Susie’s medical background has provided a window into human psychology and behaviour so she undoubtedly understands why one acts in certain ways, this includes the way they dress and the image they project. She is passionate about educating both adults and children in improving and perfecting their social and professional etiquette and presentation skills so as to become articulate, confident and self-assured.

​​Ever relevant in today’s society, Susie Wilson delivers invaluable training for school-aged children in the areas of peer group pressure and cyber and schoolyard bullying. Furthermore, she is dedicated to ensuring that manners and social graces are remaining in today’s fast-paced media savvy world, where nurturing social skills and self-esteem for children and teens is paramount.

​Susie’s passion for leadership development (particularly for youth) led her to this industry, but her travels around the world reinforced the idea that there is still a great need for more civility and etiquette today. Whether it’s strengthening our relationships with others or choosing to be a better person, everyone can benefit from understanding etiquette. 

Susie opened her first finishing school in New Zealand in 1995 to be of service to others and cultivate a positive influence.

It’s all about service leadership and respect.

​Susie’s commitment is to excellence the dynamic curriculum reflects the current growing emphasis on social and emotional learning, self-confidence, and character in today’s youth as they become the global leaders of tomorrow.

​ “The interests of my clients are my first priority, and I go above and beyond to make sure they get the results they need.” 

​”I am passionate about making a difference! – Now what about you?” – Susie Wilson- Etiquette Expert 

​Polite language is always agreeable to the ear, and lends a soothing influence to the heart, while unkind and rough words, harshly uttered, are just the reverse.

Children and animals recognise this truth quite as readily as adults. A baby will cry at the sound of harsh language; and your dog, or cat, are all most amenable to kind words and caressing motions. Kindness is a language which we must all speak.

​Etiquette has been define as a code of laws which binds society together — viewless as the wind – and yet exercising a vast influence upon the well-being of mankind.


“If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek, Five things observe with care: –Of whom you speak — to whom you speak, And how — and when — and where.”

​Contact Susie today and see what she can do for you.


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