Afternoon Tea Etiquette 

Afternoon Tea & Etiquette

Afternoon tea is a refreshing alternative to lunch or dinner. There is a timeless quality about going to tea. Afternoon tea conjures up feelings of elegance and gentility. 

Whether you are meeting friends, colleagues, or clients for tea, Susie Wilson will help you enjoy the delightful experience of going to tea by showing you how to properly “take tea” and avoid any ” faux pas.”

       Host and Guest Duties
       The History of Tea

       Tea, Tea Types and Forms of Service

       Conversation at Tea

       Proper Tea Pouring

       Finessing the Food at Tea: 

      Tea Sandwiches, Scones, and Finger food

       The Dos and Don’ts of Tea Etiquette       

This beautiful two -hour hands on lesson will be  held at The Windsor Hotel in Melbourne City.

Alternative idea: you may schedule at your convenience a private lesson at any of the hotels in Melbourne Australia. The hotel must offer a formal afternoon or high tea setting. 


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