Etiquette Tip Table Manners.

Etiquette tip..

You’re passing the salt without the pepper.

“They’re like a little couple,” of the salt-and-pepper shakers. “You never want to separate them.” The theory: even if one diner asks only for the salt, the person next to them may want both, so they should be kept together. And remember—always pass to the right!

Susie Wilson

Founder of Antoinette Champagne Finishing School

The modern authority on all matters etiquette,taste and achievement.

Ms Wilson is a recognised world leading authority on International Business Etiquette, Protocols and Social Etiquette she is a motivational modern etiquette expert, sought out industry leader, accomplished speaker specialising in executive leadership and etiquette.

A success strategist for women in business, Susie’s passion is teaching women the strategies that lead to more satisfaction, fulfilment and real success in their life and work.


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