What your image says about you?

We all have an image, whether we design it consciously or not. How we look and feel about ourselves is heavily influenced by our childhood experiences and our self image as an adult.

Clothing and appearance are among the most important criteria we use to judge people. Clothing in a business environment covers ninety percent of the body, so it is inevitable that it makes a very powerful statement.
Successful people generally look successful. They wear clothing that looks attractive on them. They are well groomed, speak well and carry themselves with confidence. The message that comes across is that they feel good about themselves. If you feel confident about your clothes, hairstyle and personal presentation you will send out a positive and confident message. Clothing and presence is a silent and powerful language, a visual shorthand. Is your personal presentation a true reflection of you at your best?
There are a lot  of smart people languishing in the lower echelons of companies and one of the main reasons may be their lack of understanding the importance of image, personal presentation and effective communication skills.

Companies place a premium on dress, manners, effective body language and the subtle rules of knowing precisely what to say and do in any given situation.

As companies scramble to break into new markets and win global contracts, image has become the key that opens the door. The demand for skills that enable executives to perform appropriately in business and social circles has skyrocketed.

Key players in the corporate arena are masters of communication and corporate vision. The truly successful are aware that everything about their personal presentation and their corporate trappings must be coordinated and polished to project a message of congruency. Professional posturing and positioning is taking place at all levels within companies. Employees need to be aware that they are company ambassadors

Sincerely with a smile.

Susie Wilson Founder of Antoinette Champagne Finishing School

Etiquette & Deportment Expert


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