Recognise Your Values And Ethics.

Recognise Your Values And Ethics.

Juanita has been working as an editorial assistant for just two hours when she faced her first ethical dilemma. Her boss asked her to lie. “If anyone calls for me,” he said, “tell them I’ve left for the day. I’ve got to get caught up on work”

Juanita had always thought of herself as an honest person. How can she lie? On the other hand, she’d only been in the job for two hours.

How could she challenge her boss? What would you do if you were Juanita ?

What’s Important To You?
Values are things and principals that are most important to us. Values involve our feelings, ideas, and beliefs.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you operate according to a system of values.

Everything you do, every decision you make, comes from inside you from your own (conscious or unconscious )

System of values.

You make choices all day and probably never stop to think about your values. Nevertheless, your values are in place and at work all the time.

Ideally, in your career, you’ll make decisions according to your values. 

“Clearly defined values will aid you in everything you do. In an important sense, your crystallised values serve as banisters on a staircase, to guide you, to be touched when you have to make decisions, and in very risky matters, grasped.”

We are all influenced in varying degrees by the values of our family, culture, religion, education and social group. Knowing your own values can help you work effectively with clients, resolve conflicts and support the organisation’s philosophy of care appropriately. Wherever our values come from they make us the unique person we are today!

Susie Wilson

Etiquette Expert.


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