Life in process is much like a symphony.

Life in process is much like a symphony. While there is a wide spectrum of variation in human behaviours, there are, in theory, boundaries of equilibrium that cannot be crossed without causing dissonance. 

When cultures have experienced what can be called boundary problems for generations, certain moral views are likely to have evolved that assign a certain degree of moral value to a particular behaviour. Social engineering, in this light, becomes a science concerned with discerning limits and boundaries across an immense spectrum of possible human behaviours.Social equilibrium can be either of the positive or negative type.

 Positive social equilibrium is highly tolerant of extremes. It accepts a wide diversity of talents in order to gain the maximum social benefit.
 Negative social equilibrium does not tolerate a wide diversity of ideas and talents, particularly if they come from outside a closed circle of authorities. 

In such a tightly closed system, peace and tranquility are maximised at the expense of diversity. This yields a certain uninspired peace, but undermines long-term survival, as outside competition will, given the opportunity, throw off the authority of an ingrown power structure.


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