Passion Matters

Why Passion Matters

A founder should always be involved in pitching investors. A passionate genuine founder with the right team, who is not completely passionate, is often better than a hired CEO with no founder in sight.
A good entrepreneur knows their strengths and weaknesses and builds a complete team around them. However, they never delegate the passion and intensity for winning looked for by investors.

Passion motivates the entrepreneurial team and investors. Deep rooted passion that is intrinsic and pervasive at an emotional, behavioural, and cognitive level is what matters. If you don’t feel this level of passion for your venture, you should keep looking for the opportunity that you feel deep in your gut is something you are best suited to create and will do whatever it takes to succeed. This level of passion will exude from within, help keep you committed and prepared, and inspire investors. Show your genuine passion to investors.

Passion matters to investors!
I want to invest and hire people who are passionate about what they do.

“Without passion it won’t last long.” “Passion keeps people going in the face of obstacles and early failures

As an entrepreneur, investor, and educator I have been working with and mentoring entrepreneurs for over 15 years. As an investor, I have screened many entrepreneur pitches. What do I look for in an entrepreneur I want to mentor or invest in? I look for passion, trustworthiness, and a product or service with a unique competitive advantage.
“If the passion goes it’s just a job”


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