Here are some rules on how to behave during a conversation.

Your ability to engage with others is shown by how you talk to people.

Here are some rules on how to behave during a conversation:
Don’t cut across someone when they are talking, always wait for your turn.

Speak in a clear voice, without eating the end of the words.

Express yourself using a polite language, avoiding rude or vulgar expressions (swear-words are no longer a sign of unconventionality, they’re just a way to be rude).

Use correct language, avoid slang expressions and use correct syntaxes. Minimise sentences, sayings, jargon or trendy expressions.


Do not yawn. Yawning to anyone who is talking is really not polite. Resist and control yourself even though you are very tired or your interlocutor is very boring. The same rule applies to when you’re talking on the phone.

Moderate the tone of your voice: speaking loudly does not make more effective what you say, but it makes it annoying.

Keep a “safe” distance from your partner and try to avoid unnecessary movement (restrain hand movements).

During a conversation don’t touch your interlocutor: no hands on the arm, tap on shoulders etc…Your self-control is a key topic and it is more important if you are talking with people whom you are not intimate with.
Do not be the leading actor in a conversation, overwhelming listeners with your words, exhausting them with interminable tales or talking at every single occasion. Forcing your presence is a very harassing and a rude attitude, it is the easiest way to be mocked later.
These rules apply especially to those conversations that happen with people who you do not know or that you barely know. However, following the list of advices (such as not to interrupt the person speaking) is valid and useful even among people with whom we are intimate such as friends and relatives.

Etiquette Expert.


With a highly professional and direct approach to her topics, Susie is dedicated in providing her clients with the most up-to- date etiquette training relevant to todays’ modern society.


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