Christmas Etiquette – The Top Tips

By Susie Wilson 
Christmas etiquette is so important to remeber, as Christmas is a time of year that can bring out the best in people, and it can also bring out the worst. Christmas is a special time of year. There seems to be a feeling in the air that envelops mankind and inspires them to think of others. It is a time of year that we love because it seems like there are plenty of opportunities to forget ourselves and find others that need help. 
However, it is also a time when people can show their ugly side as well. This is usually manifest by people fighting in stores to purchase the newest toy or gadget, or by people being selfish and thinking of what they will receive as opposed to what they are going to give. These tips will help you show the side of you that thinks of others and is kind. After all, that is not only Christmas Etiquette, it is just good etiquette. 

Christmas Etiquette Tips
Be grateful for any gifts that you receive regardless of the size or cost of the gift. Someone thought enough of you to buy/make that gift. It is important to receive the gift with the same amount of thought that went into the giving of the gift. 

Christmas Etiquette – There is nothing that will offend someone so quickly than someone not being thankful for what they have received. 

Take a moment to look around you. Are there people that are less fortunate or lacking? This is a great opportunity to serve them and lift their spirits. 
One of our favorite Christmas traditions each year is that we like to find a family that is struggling and needs some help. Each year, we anonymously provide them with food, gifts, money, or whatever else their needs are during the Christmas season. It really helps us as a family focus on serving others and teaching our two children what is really important. 
These experiences have provided experiences for our children to see how much it means to lift up heads that are heavy and to boost someone’s spirit. Everyone has their own beliefs about Christmas and what it means. 

For our family, this Christmas etiquette feeds our souls and makes us feel that we are making a meaningful contribution to others around us. 
Another part of holiday etiquette for Christmas is display kindness while shopping. For some reason, manners and etiquette seem to be thrown out of the window during shopping. I do not know why, but it is not that hard to be considerate of others. Always use the golden rule and do unto others as you would have done unto you.
The etiquette for this Christmas holiday is really very simple. It is all about thinking of the needs of others. It is all about being grateful for what you receive. These simple thoughts and feelings will bring meaning to your holidays. 

“May Christmas be a time that your heart is full of love and thoughts towards others. ”

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